Bridging the Gap
The "Bridging the Gap" Project at the University of Tilburg, which gave me a great excuse to come back to Europe
The Centre for Language Technology at Macquarie University
The Thinking Head Project
The reason I didn't starve after my scholarship ran out.
The AusTalk Project
A project that will collect Australian speech data from 1000 speakers for a publicly available corpus.
The now concluded TUNA project at the University of Aberdeen
The concluded ConcEv project at the University of Hamburg, where I got my first taste for NLG
Generation Challenges 2009
2009 evaluation competitions in different subfields of Natural Language Generation
NLTG, Brighton
The Natural Language Technology Group at the University of Brighton, where I spent 2 weeks in 2008.
The ACL Special Interest Group in Natural Language Generation
The Association for Computational Linguistics
The Australasian Language Technology Association
The Cognitive Science Society
PhD Comics
Oh, so true!