I am working in the field of referring expression generation (REG), a subfield of Natural Language Generation. In particular, I work on content selection for noun phrases in both initial and subsequent reference. I am mainly interested in uncovering psycholinguistic factors that have an influence on human language production and modelling these factors in a cognitively plausible way.

One focus of my thesis work was on the use of spatial relations in referring expressions. I have collected two corpora of descriptions of objects in simple 3D scenes to study how humans use spatial relations: the GRE3D3 Corpus and the GRE3D7 Corpus.
I try to maintain an extensive bibliography on referring expression generation.
To get a feel for existing referring expressions algorithms I conducted an initial experiment comparing their performance to a data set of human-produced descriptions.
As a result of my first experiment, I got interested in the issues involved in evaluation of referring expression generation and NLG more general.
I have done some work on an overgeneration and ranking approach to REG leveraging similarities between domains to be able to produce more than just one description for an object.
In collabortion with Mariët Theune and Emiel Krahmer, I have done some work on optimising the use of redundancy in referring expressions.