Henriette Anna Elisabeth Viethen (2011). The Generation of Natural Descriptions: Corpus-Based Investigations of Referring Expressions in Visual Domains. PhD Thesis, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. [ pdf ]

My thesis work was in the field of referring expression generation (REG), a subfield of Natural Language Generation. In particular, it concentrated on content selection for initial distinguishing descriptions. I conducted an evaluation experiment, collected and analysed two corpora of distinguishing descriptions focussing on the use opf spatial relations, and used an attribute-centric decision tree approach to model the reference behaviour of human speakers.

My supervisor was Robert Dale.

Here are a few pictures related to slaying the monster:

Proud me with the finished product - in my favourite colour teal!

Robert telling everyone how long it took me to finish - in wannabe medieval outfits for the graduation ceremony.

"Defending" my thesis... those capes had to be good for something!