current activities and news

Back in Sydney!

I am a postdoc on an ARC Discovery project on automatic grammar checking with Robert Dale and Mark Dras at Macquarie University, where I am part of the Centre for Language Technology. In particular, I am developing methods for punctuation correction in formal texts.

Until June 2013, I was a postdoc at TiCC in the Department for Communication and Information Sciences at Tilburg University. I was part of Emiel Krahmer's project Bridging the gap between psycholinguistics and computational linguistics: The case of referring expressions.

Until the end of July 2011, I was a research fellow in the Thinking Head Project investigating the generation of subsequent reference.

In October 2010, I submitted my PhD thesis on "The Generation of Natural Descriptions", also at the CLT at Macquarie University in Sydney. You can download it and look at some funny pictures: thesis stuff.